Accident: Dreams

When I was in ICU, they doped me up with a lot of stuff for by injuries and to prevent me from going into shock. Because of this, I could remember nothing of the accident and the entire time in ICU. Oddly enough, though, I remembered my dreams, vividly. Man, I should have wrote them down soon after my release, but I didn't. So, I only have a collection of what I remember.

First dream I can remember was me being in a two story house with a stair case that went up in a U formation against the three walls. Inside the stair well was a couch which faced the entry door. I was staying at this house but couldn't go to work. The people in the house wouldn't let me leave. I soon found another room with computers in it. I tried to get on them so I could log into work and do some work. Some big guy in all white drove me out from the room. I was in this house for a few days and could remember the desperate desire to get out of it. I had to escape.

One really off the wall dream I had was a record party at Madonna's. Why I dreamt of that, I have no idea. I don't really care for her music anymore and have the faintest idea why I would dream about going to this. I do know that I really wanted Coca-Cola. I kept asking people for one and finally found a bottle of one. I was so happy.

I did eventually bump into Madonna and chatted a little. I told her the new album was alright, but she didn't really do the tunes as good as she use to. She was very polite and thanked me for my input. I then talked to other people and soon left.

No one was with me at the party, oddly enough. My dad dropped me off. As if this was a high school party! It was a really odd dream and what sticks out most of it is the desire for a Coke!

Another dream I had was of my office got moved at work. It was in a dark large room. My monitor was on a shelf that had tons of sand on it. I now worked next to Mazz (someone from a different department). I remember one other guy was in the dark room with me and that was it. I think it was early in the morning as I always came in early, hence the reason we got hit by a sleeping driver.

I believe that other person was Mark. The other guys that came in early to work, too. He was the first to know about my accident as he saw the accident on TV at home before coming in. He said he totally had a bad feeling and when he didn't see the car in the parking lot, he groaned.

One of the coolies dream I had was me and the family were on a cruise with my mom, dad, Sean, Dani, and the Jones'. Again, the big theme here was the unquenching desire for a Coca Cola. In one "scene", we were in a Ball room dancing and we were all dressed up and I wanted a Coke really bad. It was kinda ironic since we were so fancy and stuff and I just wanted a Coke.

I had a few "alone" dreams were I was the only one in them, except for another person or two. No family members where in these dreams. This particular dream, I was in a hotel "manning" the front desk late at night. I was all by myself and it was tough to stay a wake. This "job" paid for my room I slept in. It was a small room, just next to the front desk. So, sometimes I'd catch a wink here or there and just drift off. This dream always segwayed into the next dream.

I was in a really cramped hospital floor where the rooms were really small. The nurses station was long and narrow like a closet. There were many tests in here and I seemed to work here, too, and was helping with the tests. One day I was too tired to work and was in my hospital bed. I couldn't even move I was so exhausted. Sean and my dad took over my responsibilities for that day.

Another funky dream I had was of me staying in a room attached to Raymus model house in a quiet neighborhood. Raymus is the builder of our house we had just bought before the accident. This was a really fancy house and it had a living room with a boat in it. I mean, the boat was docked in the living room! Kinda like an indoor dock. I told you it was funky! I took the boat out one night to escape but couldn't get it out in time and Don (the Raymus sales man) ran after me and caught me before I could get out of the living room.

These dreams always were on sunny days, oddly enough. I begged anyone I knew who came to visit to get me out. Everyone always told me no and that I had to stay there until I was better. Don came in a lot to talk to me (in the dream) and I always begged him, too. I don't think he visited me in real life in the hospital, though. Another Raymus guys did when I got transferred to Manteca. I thought that was pretty cool.

One of the most prevailing dreams I had was of me filming a movie, a Western, in Hollywood and the Jones' and Liz were there. I was in a second story in a like a gun battle. I had rope all around me on the ground. I don't remember who I was "fighting", but I do know the rope eventually got around me and I really got injured in a the final scene. I'm talking losing a body part here. I guess it had such a dramatic effect on me, I really thought I lost it and asked Tom (being the machinist) if he could make me a new one. Aaaah, we still laugh about that to this day. This dream always segwayed into the next dream.

I was in a hospital room, in my bed and they seemed to be "building" the hospital around me. Adding monitors and equipment and things. At times, I could not breathe and my nurse would help me out with some contraption. Liz and the Jones' were there often.

Speaking of breathing, I think the oddest dream was ones where I did have breathing problems. In these dreams were mainly myself and my nurse. She looked a lot like the sister in Rosann. Anyway, for the most part, I was always in a run down house. Almost like a half way house in the bad part of town. I'd mainly be watching the news and there were occasionally other people in the room, too. My nurse would always be with me helping me breathe.

In one of these dreams, Christine was in it. It was the only one she really was. She was healthy, happy, and so loving. She never noticed that I could not breathe well, but was always talking to me in a cheerful way. In one dream, her, Jason, Liz and I went to an old movie theater. We didn't see a movie and by the end of the scene, it was just her and I. I think we were upstairs in a room with really nice furniture just talking. I don't remember about what, but we laughed and really had a good time.

One final dream I can think of is being "home". I went over to Jason's and Christine's (she was in this dream, too) and they had this really cool (and different) house. They had some device that they could change the entire interior to anything they wanted with a flick of a switch. Room structure and everything! Christine loved it. They also had a device, a box, that would duplicate anything. You put anything in it, and it duplicated it perfectly. I had two bottles of my favorite beer, Diebel's, and Jason made me a few copies. Perfect copies! (This was probably the only time I dreamed not of Coke!) This dream, which I had often, was so vivid and real like, I later asked Jason when I got transferred to Manteca if he had such a device. He laughed and said he wished.

Those are about most of the dreams I had, or at least the most vivid and dramatic. I wish I would have wrote these out a long time ago as I could given even more detail, but at least I got these out. If more comes to me, I'll be to sure to put them up here.