Monday, October 31, 2005

It’s been reported that the Baby Bells are losing $10,000 a day on landline connections. Everyone in the Bay Area knows how impossible it is to get DSL installed and going in a quick fashion. Sometimes, moving makes things hard to even get yor PSTN voice number transferred. Frustrated consumers now have a choice and they’re going with it big time.

With wireless and cable broadband choices, DSL is not a gimmie for users in search of high-speed Internet. Once that broadband is in, VoIP now helps with that final step of giving the telephone people the final wave goodbye. No more need for SBC, baby! With the huge loss that they’re incurring on landline and the masses starting to realized that they can get free long distance along with all those other features the Baby Bells nickle and dime for — dude, why do I have to pay $1.50 to UNLIST my number in the phone book?! — with voice over IP, I’d think the little bells would wake up. But I guess they’re too busy buying each other out to realize the customers are the ones that will in the end keeping them a float. If they don’t change, fast, it might be too late for them real soon.

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