A Mans Band-Aid

Author: Sven Rafferty
Sunday, October 2, 2005

While it’s not made by Band-Aid (Johnson and Johnson), I’ll just use the term “band-aid” in the general term like we do for calling all cola “Coke”. Now, we all know how much manly-men like duct tape and how it “fixes everything” so why not use it on those wounds caused by that manly work these men do all day? Ya, that’s right, now we have duct tape band-aid‘s. How special, no? :)

Nexcare, a 3M company, is slapping out wound protection that is guaranteed to pull a few hairs of that manly arm of your when the deep cut has healed on your arm. Don’t worry, either, this isn’t just pure duct tape, it’s got some medication in it to help your copper wire inflicted gouge from becoming infected. Aaah, now the manly-man has it all! :)

One Response to “A Mans Band-Aid”

  1. Bob Says:

    It’s been said that if women ever comprehended the true value of duct tape then men would be rendered useless. :)